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Designing whilst Midterming

Take a look. New design. Not a single graphic serves as a structural or content element. Every piece is in type. I have additional bits of type-based elements I’m going to toss into the works, but – after midterms. I’ve oodles of bugs to work through with various nooks and crannies, and I need to […]

Brunette Gone Blonde

I have just experienced an evening in which I could not utter a coherent, brunette thought. I have also just experienced an evening in which I could not shut up. Note: When having extended blonde moments, keep your mouth shut in class discussion. — Details! I want details! You’re not coming to see me, so […]

Suspiro – Tale of Mortification

Mortification is the word of the day. My day had been planned out with a chart and everything. Super Academia. and then I got distracted. I missed the last of my buses, so I took the car and drove around campus trying to find metered parking (I don’t have a parking pass… not until January). […]

Archaeological Fieldwork

I participated in my first batch of archaeological fieldwork on Saturday. 9am-12pm. Nothing major, but it was exciting… shovel tests at twenty meter transects. Pairs of two dug foot round/deep holes and sifted the dirt/plants/rocks through a shaker screen. Anything of interest is bagged and marked. I’m trying to be careful about sounding too important… […]

Halloween Exploits with Kristin

I am home again. I spent Saturday and Sunday seeing Grandmother to the airport – or, rather, this was the official task. My ulterior task was to claim Kristin’s last weekend of freedom before her new job began today. Mission accomplished. Saturday was spent crafting (ShrinkyDink and knitting) and commenting films (Thoroughly Modern Millie and […]