Halloween Exploits with Kristin

I am home again. I spent Saturday and Sunday seeing Grandmother to the airport – or, rather, this was the official task. My ulterior task was to claim Kristin’s last weekend of freedom before her new job began today.

Mission accomplished.

Saturday was spent crafting (ShrinkyDink and knitting) and commenting films (Thoroughly Modern Millie and Knight’s Tale).

How to Break Kristin’s Mom’s Plates:
1) Teach Kristin the Mom-Samurai method of casting knit stitches.
2) Casually mention that Leewit had chewed on the yarn Kristin is knitting.
3) Observe Kristin squeal “LORIEN!?!” and throw the yarn and needles.
4) Giggle hysterically. Bonus points for having laryngitis and being unable to actually laugh.
5) Attempt to run to the bathroom to wipe running eyeliner.
6) Trip on tray holding dessert plates.

Sunday was spent watching the Scarlet Pimpernel (I must now read the actual books), watching Kristin obsess over the cloak she was sewing for her brother, forcing Kelly to outline, snapping Michael’s rubber bands, impromptu costume decoration and having late night tea and cheesecake.

Kristin and I nagged each other into dressing up before leaving for evening tea… Kristin had her RennFest costumes on hand, and the family improvised and found all sorts of things to throw at me. Kristin offered the idea, Kelly provided the glitter, the sign and the twisting of wire on the back of my head, Kristin’s mother offered all sorts of things for a wand and such… and it continued. Kristin’s prop was absolutely fabulous – she went as the Evil Queen from Snow White, and took a basket of apples with a well phrased note of warning against ingestion. I was the Fairy GodMother Under Cover: makeup, hair, wand, normal clothes. Much fun was had.

I love Kristin quite dearly, y’know, and this is a very easy method of letting her know without risking too much mush and sarcastic discomfort. 😉 She’s an excellent friend and encouragement, and I’m exceedingly proud of how she handles setbacks and moves onward. I’m more domineering with her than I am with most of my friends – I think this is because I trust that she’ll kick me if I get over the top. Although, she was rather slow with the kicking when I automatically took her laptop when it locked up on her. I at least deserved a toe-stomping. I am, truly, working on a proper title for addition to her resume.

Right, I left her house at just about midnight (suitable for an undercover fairy godmother, yes?) and heading home to Springfield… only to find that the rain not only covered the entire west side of our State, but that it grew worse as I headed south. I was also more tired than I expected. I dozed off two or three times, that I know of, and at one point almost stopped in the middle of the highway. Three lights along the way glared with the water to make a column of light and shadow in the middle of the road, and in my dazy state I thought someone was standing there. I figured out rather quickly that I just needed to get to Clinton (the halfway point). I made it to Clinton, missed my exist, doubled around and slept for a couple of hours in a Walmart parking lot. My cell phone alarm went off at the appointed time, I got up and drove the rest of the trip. I made it back here at 4:37am. Settled Grandmother’s pets in her house, brought Leewit over to the house from my apartment (I’m staying in the house while Grandmother is in Kenya), studied for my Spanish test and went to school.

I took my test, when to Latin Govt. class… and I did intend to go to my Art History course. Really. and then I passed by the book sale in Strong. The History Department’s book sale. History books, quirky books, scifi/fantasy books, 6 for $1.
I only bought 13, mind you. This is superior to the 30some I bought at the last Longview book sale. I can always take them to ABC books for credit, too. Yeah, I know. Whatever.

I buy my books and realize that it’s twenty minutes after class was to start.

So I skipped both it and Shakespeare and came home.

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