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Political Chalk on Campus

Political Chalk on Campus. From last weekend… I’m going in today to fill it back in. —- When you set out to do something, you don’t do it halfway, do you? Posted by Kristin @ 09/26/2004 02:46 PM CST This makes sense, though. If I update it each week, I just have to fill in […]

Love of Research

… I just realized that I am, really, in the field to which I belong. I actually love research. I was working on this problem regarding the proper writ of common law to apply to a 13th Century case, and the obvious answer seemed wrong. I went to the professor, and he confirmed the obvious […]

Notes to Expand for Future Letters to Editors

Notes for future expansion. Letters to editors / local opinion pieces: 1) NRA lobby influence is being blamed for lapse of AWBan, and often tones are used that imply that this violates democratic principles. Rather, lobby influence within a republic/democratic system exemplify these principles and are absolutely valid. The danger is in a small faction […]

Foolish Girl

Yes, Lorien, do look at your assignment when it is first assigned, else you’ll be shocked to discover it’s a several hour project, and you’d like to go to sleep. — Once again I am virtually mocking you. You’re starting to sound like Katherine now. . . Dear Katherine, Here are the things you must […]

Scholarly Urges

I’m being an absolute dork, but bear with me. My scholarly urges are working. I like libraries. I like books. I love my fields. When I am thirty, I will have a Ph.D. I will have lived and studied in multiple countries. I will be multi-lingual. I will have either been published, or be in […]