Breaking: Caucus Fraud in CLAY Co. Missouri

The Republican caucus in Clay County of Missouri was plagued by illegal proceedings. The Chair refused to answer calls for Division and Points of Order. Division calls are not allowed to be ignored under any circumstance under Robert’s Rules of Order. The registered Parliamentarian pointed out the illegality of the behavior of the chair and he was threatened with expulsion from security.

From Paul T a Ron Paul supporter:

Clay County is a done deal, and we got zero delegates/alternates. The Clay County GOP struck a back-room deal ahead of time with the other 3 candidates, for split slates, one for CD5 & another for CD6. While Ron Paul supporters outnumbered the other 3 camps individually, we did not have a majority, and got out-voted. The chair ultimately refused to acknowledge RP people calling for division and points of order. Significant chaos and unrest ensued. When our (registered) parliamentarian pointed out these failures to the chair, he was threatened with ejection from the meeting by a security guard.

Here is a video of some of the proceedings in the Clay County Caucus. I know that it’s difficult to listen beyond the shouts, and the people objecting to the proceedings occasionally got snippy/obnoxious with their protests… but remember two things: 1) the Chair was violating the rules and ignoring people’s legal points of order and calls for division, and 2) the participants were very aware that their rights could be completely taken away, as has since been proven by the events in St. Charles County.

Update: Michael Mahoney, political reporter for the Kansas City Star, has posted an incredibly inaccurate account of the caucus that either deliberately or ignorantly misunderstands the legal process of a caucus bound by Robert’s Rules of Order.

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Lara Page March 17, 2012 Reply

This is EXACTLY what happened in Pulaski County today too! our parliamentarian however, did NOTHING to enforce anything!!!

Lorien March 17, 2012 Reply

Lara, would you write up an account of what happened in Pulaski County? I will post it in a separate article for reference. Please include any and all details! You can email it to me at

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