A Visit from Ron Johnson Cass Caucus Chair & County Auditor

I recently wrote about the Cass County Missouri Caucus. Cass Co. wasn’t as bad as some of the other counties in MO last Saturday. Summary: without authority to do so all recordings were prohibited, the Santorum crowd played dirty, and the Chair (Ron Johnson, a Gingrich supporter) tried to unilaterally fill empty Santorum delegate slots with Gingrich supporters in a move so foul that even the other Gingrich supporters denounced the attempt. However, it appears that Robert’s Rules were followed.

Ron Johnson, Auditor of Cass County MO and Chair of the Cass County MO Caucus, stopped by the blog a few nights ago. If not him, someone very close to him. He posted the following comment to my article re: the Cass Caucus (click to zoom and read):

Nothing bothersome… tried to make a big deal about the fact that I’m writing reports based on the reports of other people since I moved to DC three weeks ago. HE says he asked the secretary if my name was on the roster (it’s not, I wasn’t present – I just moved away from Raymore). However, he is defending what happened in Cass and saying that all rules were followed. He refers to the “chair” in third person and says “I wouldn’t want his job”. He calls himself “Truth Seeker”.

Well, let’s seek some truth. Why do I think he’s Ron Johnson, the Chair of the Cass County Missouri Caucus, or else someone close to him?

His email address, cassmogop@**********.*** (redacted for his privacy), is the email address for the Cassmogop Facebook group and for the private account of Ron Johnson.

I noticed that the Cassmogop Facebook page openly promotes Newt Gingrich. Who else involved at the Cass Caucus, who has the ability to ask for names on the caucus roster, supports Newt? Ron Johnson. On that hunch, I looked at Ron Johnson’s Facebook.

Ron Johnson posted the same Newt link to his wall as was posted to the Cassmogop/Truth Seeker Facebook wall seen above. Could be Ron just linking Cassmogop/Truth Seeker’s link, right?

Well, look at what happened earlier on the 16th. Ron Johnson posted a different link to his wall at 7:43pm and then Cassmogop/Truth Seeker posted the link at 7:45pm.

This is offensive. The Cassmogop who commented on my blog calling himself “Truth Seeker”was posting official caucus information with links to his candidate. Everyone knows who I support for the presidency, and I would not ever use an official, neutral platform to promote my candidate. If I’m correct that “Truth Seeker” is Ron Johnson, then this man was very openly using his official position to promote one candidate over the others. Badly done, sir.

Further evidence that Ron Johnson and Cassmogop/Truth Seeker are the same person: on March 16 at 1:10pm, the very same minute, the same status update was posted to both profiles.

One of the photos on the Cassmogop Facebook group is of a man with a woman in the background. The man is someone else (name redacted). The woman in the background is Ruth Johnson, Ron’s wife:

The slogan on the Cass County Missouri Auditor Facebook page, featuring Ron Johnson’s photo, is “Accountability: making right decisions, choice, accepting consequences, responsibility”.

Ron Johnson: You used your position as Chair to try to fill delegate slots for your candidate. You used your Cassmogop Facebook page to promote your candidate. You tried to anonymously suggest that the reports of your corruption weren’t truthful, in which case you did not have the courage to use your own name.

Ron Johnson, I am holding you accountable.

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Ryan April 23, 2012 Reply

Thank you for hearing me out, Lorien. I was present at the caucus and have a slightly different take on 'santorum camp playing dirty,' but that isn't the core of this debate. Several people were present at the District Caucus on the slate that were not voted on, some were Newt supporters and friends of Ron Johnson.

Ron Johnson has been cheating the process, and so far hasn't been held accountable (aka he's been rewarded). Thank you for joining in the chorus of those who are trying to hold Ron accountable. It's absolutely disgraceful and stains the name of our county.

Josh Delzell April 23, 2012 Reply

Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

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