Citizens Oppose Emanuel Cleaver’s Abortion Hypocrisy

This is a powerful example of citizens standing up and educating hypocritical politicians. Features Cleaver under fire for supporting the funding of abortions and violating the law.

Conservative Black Forum, 1/23/2012. Hosted by Allen West, Moderated by Star Parker.

At 1:43:22 Parker opened the floor to Q&A. The first person was a woman who directly questioned and challenged Cleaver on the Hyde Amendment and his support of funding Planned Parenthood/etc. He dodged the question and very condescendingly instructed her on how politics work. She stood up again and restated her question and demanded that he specifically answer. He said that he would vote against abortion but he would not defund clinics (Planned Parenthood, specifically) that provide other services for the poor. He was forceful and clear. The next audience member was a man who challenged Cleaver to, “as a man of God”, do his due research on the origins of Planned Parenthood as a eugenics program. Other members of the panel pressed Cleaver further. Cleaver left during the Q&A at 1:54:20.


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