Concealed Carry on Campus

In honor of Liviu Librescu, Ph.D., and in light of the second violent shooting on the campus of my grandfather’s alma mater, Virginia Tech, I remind us all of the importance of legalizing concealed carry on college campuses. Dr. Librescu survived the Holocaust of WWII. He died shouting for his students to escape their classroom through windows as he used his body to block the door from a murderer. He was shot five times.

After his death in 2007, the president of my undergraduate university published a reminder that no students, staff, or faculty were permitted to carry firearms on the campus of Missouri State University – as if murderers heed such rules. I wrote a letter of protest to the policy which was published in the Springfield News-Leader. Several people challenged my position by suggesting that we become like Japan. I argued that gun control has failed in Japan, and that no charade of safety is worth the critical human rights that are violated in Japan on a daily basis.

College campuses need concealed carry.

Gun control is a failure.

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