Playing in the News-Leader

The 400-word edition of my open letter to the administration of Missouri State University was published as the Voice of the Day in the Springfield News-Leader on 1 May, 2007. The comments forum is of particular interest. On the whole, I'm quite displeased with the responses, both in support and in opposition – and not just here, but also on the livejournal threads which caused a bit of a stir.

RE: The Opposition:

Alrighty, what's the deal? I've been trumped in arguments countless times. Admittedly, not as often on the firearms issues, but even then I've had times in which I've had to back off and contemplate. That hasn't happened this time… at all, and I don't know what to make of it. Except, perhaps, that the opposition just doesn't have a leg on which to stand. Good thought, but I hesitate to rest in that.  Seems a touch intellectually lazy.

RE: The Support:  

Must you be so idiotic? Let's be practical. When you blindly refer to all those crazy "liberals", you deny them any ability to reason with you. If you cannot be reasoned with, then your ideas are weak and indefensible. When you make references to "Sodom and Gomorrah" and the end times, even I shut you out – and I'm a politically incorrect fundamentalist evangelical Christian. What's the deal? Do you have that little interest in showing people the logical grounds for both your faith and your political opinions?

In short, I'm clearly the only intelligent, wise, and moderately sane human being on our planet. Time to channel The Brain.


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