If Only They'd Been Armed…

Number of (known) students’/professors’ firearms on the Virginia Tech campus today: 2

Owner of said firearms on the VA Tech campus: Bonkers Murderer.

Number of victims today on the VA Tech campus: At least 32.

Possible number of victims had students and professors been legally allowed to carry on the VA Tech campus: < 32

Virginia is a right to carry State, and an ample number of VA residents do carry. However, firearms are not allowed on college campuses. Law-abiding residents rarely break those policies – I didn’t carry on the Missouri State campus. Few colleges prevent firearms from actually entering the campus, and no prevention system is foolproof. This process results days like today, when a murderous gunman has the freedom to roam on campus for hours and conduct two, possibly three separate shootings. This young fellow would have been far more hesitant to line up his classmates and professors had he known that it was entirely likely that in any given classroom he would face one or more defensive firearms.

Nonetheless, human nature and bureaucracy will make calls for an increase of restrictions on and preventions of campus firearms. The good will largely abide by those policies, and the bad will continue to bypass them. Campuses will grow increasingly dangerous.

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john May 29, 2008 Reply

I agree 100%. Not only is it fallecious to "disarm" the respectable and rational members of a society, but it also is a way for the masses to be controled.

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