Personal Message from Len Eagleburger

Att: Greene County Democratic voters:
RE: County Clerk Race

As we all know, straight party voting is now obsolete in Missouri. The Republican controlled Legislature passed this along with the Voter ID bill to dillute the Democratic vote. Democratic Greene County Chairman, Craig Hosmer, stated last night that 160,000 more Democratic voters chose the straight party ticket than Republicans in the last election. The Voter ID Bill was ruled unconstitutional by the Missouri Supreme Court but the ban on straight party voting remains.

In our race in Greene County for County Clerk, Democrats have no person running. However there is a Libertarian, Lorien Johnson, who is on the ballot. Since we cannot vote a straight party ticket, I urge all Democrats to vote for the Libertarian. Although she worked for Republican Senator Kit Bond, I feel she is the lesser of the two evils.

We need a change in the County Clerk’s office, especially after he has moved polling places from public places (schools) to private places (churches) in the last few years. By moving the polling places to churches, candidates are restricted and banned from
participating in the election process by placing their political signs at those sites.

Let’s take advantage of a Republican passed bad law and elect Lorien Johnson as our next County Clerk to get rid of one of their own.

You may visit her website at:

Len Eagleburger
Greene County Democratic Central Committeman
Ward 6, Springfield, MO

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Bungalow Bill March 12, 2009 Reply

Such a logical way to cast a vote. If a person is the lesser of two evils, doesn't that still make them evil. You are a bit too much Mr. Eagleburger.

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