New Semester of Collapsing Hair

I’ve had one of those afternoon/evenings in which I come home and look in the mirror to find that my hair has fallen from its previously Spectacularly Styled Coif of Curls and Red-Ribbon-That-Matches-Red-Shoes and is now in an oddly straggley mess. I am left to ponder how long it was in said straggley mess, only to determine that it was probably the moment I left the house and has therefore been in said straggley mess for the past six hours of errand running and socializing. The worst bit is when I take it down and realize that the tangled mess looks better than the fallen coif:
Bad Hair Day

and now I will write so as to delay having to brush through the mess.


Public Administration: P.A. is just a nice way of saying bureaucracy. The professor announced on the first day that his goal was to teach us to be better bureaucrats. Insert skeptical look here.  On the second day, today, he said the following: “Now, I realize that as political science majors you’re all going to tend to look upon government, particularly large government, favorably.” I neither laughed nor choked, which I consider an accomplishment of my meager sources of tact.

Approaches to Political Analysis: No papers, for which I am grateful. The professor sounds like a Muppet and kinda looks like one. I will enjoy his lectures. The topic is better than what I expected – one lecture will be on the topic of public choice theory, of which I’d very much like to take an entire course.

Inquisition:  Chuchiak, so it’s interesting. I will, for the first time in my academic life, deliberately choose an easy topic in this class. I can’t handle something creative. A biography. Those are easy. um. Galileo! Yes! Galileo and the Inquisition. I studied him a bit for the Rennaisance Biographies course. I’d enjoy doing Galileo research. Will write that paper soon.

Independent Reading: I cannot describe my pure joy and sheer terror of this class. It’s with a brill prof, and the subject is
precisely what I want to spend my life researching – Early American Constitutional History. I’ll get teary if I think about how fab it is. Meanwhile, it’s 8 tough books and a huge amount of legal primary sources, and the prof is tough. and I haven’t met with him yet this week. Haven’t heard from him. Am I supposed to email him? I sent the last email. I don’t want to seem like I’m nagging – he’s letting me take this tutorial with him as an unusual thing, and as director of the grad program, I’m sure his schedule is insane. I’m probably supposed to email him. I feel awful, though; I did not do anywhere near as much work on this project as I wanted to do over the summer. Priorities, priorities.

This semester, my last full-time semester, with the election and my papers, and moving to Bolivia for a little while, and everything else… Tuesday I was so deeply depressed by the workload that it was pathetic. I am putting together a schedule that I will need to keep very diligently in order to accomplish what must be accomplished this semester. Scary, scary.

I will love the history independent tutorial. The election is fascinating. I cannot wait to be in Bolivia, away from the tediums of undergrad. I cannot wait to be back in the States, with internships and projects, and grad school and life.

Must. Write. Papers.

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