Happily Ever Laughter

I am now registered in a one week intercession psychology course entitled, “Happily Ever Laughter”. The course seems to be a dating humor how-to. Now, you will likely ask why I would ever volunteer to take such a ridiculously stupid sounding class.

I will tell you why.

It is taught by YAKOV SMIRNOFF.

That’s Professor Yakov Smirnoff, to you.

muahahaha! What a country!

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Kristin July 31, 2006 Reply

I stay off-line for three days and this is what I miss! And shouldn't that course be titled "Happily Ever Laughter"?

Lorien August 1, 2006 Reply

Yes, indeed. The class schedule only had the “laugh” title, but in the newspaper they list it as “laughter”. I changed it accordingly. In the paper, too, it sounds slightly less dorky… more of a humor in relationships type thing as opposed to an out and out dating how-to (gag).

Heather August 4, 2006 Reply

Thanks for the link to makeupalley, there were 2 reviews and both said it was not at all worth the cost.

Tabitha September 14, 2006 Reply

That would be spectacular! Your professor is for real Yakov Smirnoff? That's crazy! So do you actually get credit for this class?

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