Summer 2006 Plans

1) Write Latin American Civ essay (20pages, secondary research as the primaries are in GLYPH FORM. I wish I’d realized that detail when the semester was still underway. Ouch.)

2) Watch nearly every British period film/series available in the Springfield Greene County Library system. I’ve a list from Katherine, no less.

3) Study for the LSAT (September 30) and the GRE (sometime soon).

4) Prepare prospectus/biblio and a rough draft for both my independent readings of the fall: Constitutional History (seminar paper for history with Dr. F. T. Miller) and Constitutional Law (an elective with Dr. Alice Bartee). I’m going to love next semester. It’ll be murder, but I’ll love it.

5) Spend a weekend mini-break in Kansas City. Not the most illustrious of towns, but it has both Katherine and Kristin and is thus good enough for me.

6) Write my scholarship and grad school applications ahead of time this year.

7) Wait for my frustratingly sprained ankle to heal. I walked outside yesterday without it being wrapped, and I re-sprained it. Lovely.
8) Independence Day Parade! Pre-election appearances! Et cetera!

9) Prep the College Libertarians group for the Fall semester and for my graduation in December.

10) Try to pack it all in successfully. I’m starting to doubt that this is possible. Am trying to decide if I’d like to take a year off between my BA and my MA/JD… extra study time for tests, and the year and a half would be spent in South America with my family. Probably teaching English. It would be pleasant, but I’m concerned about the extra year between now and my ultimate graduation, etc. I need to consult with the powers that be.

11) Liberty and Current Issues seminar in DC, mid July.

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