Brunette Gone Blonde

I have just experienced an evening in which I could not utter a coherent, brunette thought. I have also just experienced an evening in which I could not shut up.

Note: When having extended blonde moments, keep your mouth shut in class discussion.

Details! I want details! You’re not coming to see me, so you owe me something.
Posted by Kristin @ 02/09/2005 01:56 PM CST

I kept mispronouncing Oneida, until the professor corrected me. I objected to the analogous comparison of methodology between slave emancipation in the 19thC and removing a stolen wallet from a thug on Commercial St. I was right, my thought was fine, but it came out so jumbled that this guy, whose voice I despise and he creeps me out, said “What I *think?* you’re saying is…” which is what *I* do to people, only ten times more nicely, when they’re idiots but they’ve got a decent thought going and need help formulating it.
and it just continued.
Posted by Lor @ 02/09/2005 04:03 PM CST

How does on pronounce Oneida?
Poor Lorien. You must get Creepy Despicable Boy back somehow.
Posted by Kristin @ 02/10/2005 10:54 AM CST

onEYEda. apparently. Grandmother had corrected me on the pronounciation the previous day, too.
BTW: The Oneida thing? Look! I had no idea. I read the entire section of the chapter that discussed this before I linked Oneida with ONEIDA products.
Posted by Lor @ 02/10/2005 12:29 PM CST

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