The Hell of Cats and Dogs

I’m housesitting and petsitting for Grandmother for the month of November. Theoretically this is a good thing… while living here, I can varnish the kitchen floor of the apartment.

But Grandmother has two pets: a whiny dachsund who is quite loving and extremely needy, and a cat.

I have Leewit.

I brought Leewit over early this morning, stayed for a bit and went to school. When I came back… Leewit was escaping from her spot under the beds in the back bedroom occasionally, to be attacked by Q.T. (Grandmother’s cat) and simpered at by Annie (the dog). She was holding her own in the fights without a problem, but Q.T. is the cat of the house. So. Much hissing and fighting.

I am trying to negotiate with the three of them. For now, Leewit and I are blockaded within the back bedroom while the other two learn to cope. Annie was throwing herself against the door, whining and barking, and Q.T. hovers and hisses under the crack. They’re evil.

A little while ago I heard cat hisses and groans of Danger : I’m About to Kill You. Knowing that Leewit was with me, I left the back room to investigate…

and so enters the fourth animal. For the past week, this monstrous beast of a feline has been hovering around my property. Both cats are a month or two away from getting fixed. The cat is big, black and mean. A few nights ago I saw movement under the car and thought it might be Q.T., so I knelt to the grass and looked. I was twenty feet away, but this monster hisses and charges at me. I stood and hissed right back, and it scurried away.

This cat is the size of a dog. It looks like a panther. It would be awesome except it’s MEAN.

So, back to today, I had the back screen door propped open as usual so that the other two animals (NOT my cat) could leave the house at will. The Monster had entered the kitchen. When I came out, Annie was in a corner circling and whimpering. As soon as she saw me, she decided to chase the Monster out of the house. The Monster didn’t move until I chased it too.

Meanwhile… the house smelled really awful. That Monster had attacked Q.T. and scared her so badly that she crapped all over herself. I’ve never seen that happen. I got her to the bathroom and cleaned her as much as she would let me, and called animal control.

No help. Cats are allowed to roam free. The most I can do is set a humane trap on my property. If I did this, Q.T. and Annie would get trapped. Not a problem, they’d only do it the once, but if they did with while I’m at school then they’d be in there for hours. Plus, if my grandmother found out… I’d be killed. Horribly.

I’m wondering if I’m wrong about the ages of these cats and I need to somehow get them to the vet and get them fixed. This would be bad. Ugh.

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