Irony of Thorns

I have periodic moments in which I am astounded by my ideological separation from the rest of the world, even within my subgroups of friendship.

Either I am indirectly blasted by hateful speech towards Christianity or I am misunderstood as a questionable troublemaker.

At least on one side it’s simple misunderstanding – I’m not criticized or lambasted, just looked at a little oddly. On the other side, the side that holds most of my dearest friends, it’s this indirect disgust. Blasting my beliefs, blasting my standards and making extremely rude remarks about Christianity. I’m forgiven, it seems, because surely I’m just a little deluded and will eventually find my way out.

This is such a lonely place.

This is why I am increasingly fine with being an extremist. Everyone can know where I stand – absolute Christianity and absolute liberty. One demands the other. Fence-sitting and holding back opinions simply lets others place you where they aren’t disturbed… and I’ve got to realize that my role is to disturb people. Complacency is far too dangerous. The note of dramatic irony is that complacency is my own weakness, too.

I love the irony of thorns.

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