Archaeological Fieldwork

I participated in my first batch of archaeological fieldwork on Saturday. 9am-12pm. Nothing major, but it was exciting… shovel tests at twenty meter transects. Pairs of two dug foot round/deep holes and sifted the dirt/plants/rocks through a shaker screen. Anything of interest is bagged and marked.

I’m trying to be careful about sounding too important… what I’m doing is very, very minor. But! I am incredibly jazzed and giddy about this whole project. So if I make it sound like a big deal, it’s not, but it is.

This is my pet project at the Lab. I do grunt work, learn the work bit by bit… I’m having a great deal of fun. I clean and analyze the artifact samples brought from the site. Analysis is pretty low-key, given my utter lack of knowledge and experience… so I read books, ask questions, and research.

I love research.

I came home, didn’t want to be bored so I went back out and biked a couple of miles, came home, cleaned the house, did Spanish homework, watched Much Ado About Nothing, spoke with Kristin, went to sleep. Sunday, I went to church (I’m joining next Sunday morning), did a little homework (not enough), went back to church, came home…

I need to have more productive days like Saturday.

Also! Jess found my cellphone! It’s been missing for days and I was highly distressed. When I was watching Much Ado, my couch cushion started vibrating… and it was Jess! on my cell phone.

A little wacky, but whatever works.

Meanwhile… I am headed into Serious Academic Mode.

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