Notes to Expand for Future Letters to Editors

Notes for future expansion. Letters to editors / local opinion pieces:

1) NRA lobby influence is being blamed for lapse of AWBan, and often tones are used that imply that this violates democratic principles. Rather, lobby influence within a republic/democratic system exemplify these principles and are absolutely valid. The danger is in a small faction outweighing the overall majority – this is not the case. Limited polls supporting the AWBan cannot compare to extreme rates of NRA membership and active citizenship.

2) Pres. Bush is being blamed for lapse of AWBan, with the implication of him being willfully lax in his duties. Other Bush-Problems aside, this is a foolish approach. This implies that the President has the Constitutional and realistic power to sway the entirety of Congress and Party to counter a significant portion of their voter base. This gives the office of the President far too much illegitimate power.

3) Objections to an article in the Southwest Standard (campus paper) from last week, written by Joe House:

a) AWBan was not a successful legislation. Weapons were still available via black market and numerous loopholes.

b) Backup your statements. One poll is not enough. Source of poll?

c) Drop in violent crime is not due to only this legislation. Other factors: Concealed Carry Acts. Texas example.

d) Petty shots re:lobbies and influence… this is a cross-aisle phenomenon, and a frankly legitimate (if often disturbing) one.

e) The Ban was too sweeping and ineffective (merge with first point?). Bayonet on collected rifle, difference in legalities re: Chinese production and Russian production.

f) Defense IS a valid argument anti-AWBan. Article’s argument is fallaction. “Bad guys” already have access to these weapons. Lawful citizens should have lawful access. 2nd amendment application.

g) Be specific when referencing laws. Respect your audience with sources and specifics.

h) Kids died from automatic weapons DURING the Ban, making your sentimental ploy petty. Columbine example.

i) 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution is MORE than “just one more campaign contribution.”

Ah, the power of your pen! It reminds me of days in the Learning Center spent lamenting over the sad sad state of the campus paper.

Did I ever tell you about the time I wrote an angry letter over an article published in the UMKC newsletter?

Posted by Kristin @ 09/14/2004 04:08 PM CST

hmm. I don’t think so.

and, now I just need to connect the thoughts into paragraphs. If I have time after a) procrastinating and b) tomorrow’s homework, I’ll do it tonight.

Posted by Lor @ 09/14/2004 06:51 PM CST

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