Lorien = Bad Archaeologist

I am a bad, bad archaeologist-intern.

I was assigned to identifying this button medallion, today. Brass, horribly tarnished, can’t be soaked because it would ruin the paint. I was trying to brush off enough of the green gunk to read the Latin on the bottom, and all I could think was “just a little spit! One scrape of the tooth! All would be revealed!” But, alas, I was surrounded by the real archaeologists who would likely not appreciate saliva in contact with artifacts.

Sigh. Indiana Jones wouldn’t have minded a little bit of tooth and spit.

When looked at in a certain light, that line seems a bit wrong.


Indiana Jones would mind tooth more than spit. Any way you look at it!

Posted by C @ 09/17/2004 05:46 PM CST

I miss Indy.

Posted by Lorien @ 09/17/2004 09:28 PM CST

i think indy would have appreciated being in a situation in which he could obtain tooth and or spit.

Posted by jess @ 09/18/2004 02:36 AM CST

It’s probably a good thing that my parents don’t know about the blog.

although, knowing mom, she’d probably out-innuendo you all.

Posted by Lor @ 09/18/2004 08:55 AM CST

Mom would definitely out-innuendo all of us.. and sit back and grin imagining our faces as we read it…

And.. I bet ol’ Indy isn’t missing out on much of anything.

Posted by C @ 09/18/2004 08:59 AM CST

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