Leewit the Obsessive Compulsive Cat

Leewit is obsessive compulsive.

She moves items into piles. She lines up other items. If I add extra balls to her ball-rolling-toy, she works endlessly to make them all sit next to each other.

Her new obsession? The dangling string from my kitchen ceiling fan. She has been sitting in my kitchen for the past several minutes, meowing and meowing.

Leewit doesn’t talk a great deal. Occassionally she’ll voice something, and we’ll have a conversation. Now, she is yelling at me. I went in and saw her staring up. After a while, I figured it out and picked her up, holding her in paw’s reach of the string. She immediately attacked it, effectively killed it, and settled into my arms to purr. I put her down and went back to my work.

Now? She’s yelling at it again.


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