Graduation Preparation

Well! I just completed most of my graduation paperwork. I’ve been cleared and authorized, my cap and gown have been ordered. Tomorrow I need to call and order the honors regalia, but beyond that I’m finished.

Except for the 5 classes left to be finished, of course. Ahem. I’ll put together the formal invitations after Spring Break.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that I made the right decision in staying in KC to finish the two-year before transferring. I would have enjoyed being in SPFD at the four year, yes, but the positives to staying have outweighed those considerations. This extra year in KC has allowed me to experience teaching (with pay!) on a level that I have not previously been able. Fencing has been fantastic, as have been my honors courses. My college has the feel of a small private college, which has allowed the development of close mentoring relationships with several of my professors. I have a handful of professors who intimately care about my academic path. I would not have established that as a freshman or sophomore at a larger school. Finally… I’m looking forward to the formal graduation ceremony. I didn’t have that in high school – even by homeschooling standards, my educational experience was extremely unconventional. This ceremony will be a pleasant cap to all of my experiences thus far.

As for Spring Break… that’s up in the air. I’ve no idea what I’m going, outside of being in Springfield for the week (15-21st). My plans have been completely changed in the past two weeks. {shrug} I’ll enjoy myself regardless. I’m sorely tempted to enter as an out-of-city float for the Patrick’s day parade. It’s free to enter, but I’d spend a fortune making the teeny float. So, this is impractical. I’m having SB alone, mostly… I’ll visit with grandmother and see if anyone I know will be in town. It’s not Cancun or Wales, but SPFD has oodles of used bookstores!

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