It’s not that I don’t pick up the hints that people send out. Rather, I pick up both the actual hints and those stray little sendings-out that people give. Either let flood swarm through or shut things out.

I shut out as much as I could when I was pretty young. I opened up enough, later on, to manipulate when I chose to do so. Andy is an example. When faced with how tragically I used those senses, with him in particular, I knew better to close up the walls… and instead became horribly insecure about it all. I had always had the insecurities, but it was then that they took such hold. I think.

Either way. That’s a long time. Andy has been a few years now. The previous stages were years before that.

Anyway. Point is. If I’m annoying – either at a particular time or in general – at least tell me so. Bluntly. Nicely, hopefully? but Bluntly. My only option is to err on the side of freedom, and trust those around me to tell me to shut up or back off. okay?

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