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Appointments in the Land without Watches

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this past Tuesday morning, I had an orthodontist appointment. Keep in mind one of my curious third-world quirks. This is Bolivia, yet somehow even though I’m surrounded by Latina Barbies with extremely glittery layers of makeup, I only usually bother with ironing and makeup for business meetings and special events. I’ve used […]

The Carelessness of Others

I go out of my way to be careful of the plans and preferences of my friends. I am astounded by the carelessness of others. This morning, a little old woman of 78 arrived at the church building to clean the church. She was supposed to be met by her daughter and another family, all […]

I'm Going Crazy

I came home from school. I emptied the mouse traps (4 dead in 12 hours: both good and freaky). I checked my email and started my laundry. I dozed off as I tried to finish watching an Everlasting Piece (ugh). I woke up an hour into my nap, frantic and convinced that I had to […]