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Concealed Carry on Campus

In honor of Liviu Librescu, Ph.D., and in light of the second violent shooting on the campus of my grandfather’s alma mater, Virginia Tech, I remind us all of the importance of legalizing concealed carry on college campuses. Dr. Librescu survived the Holocaust of WWII. He died shouting for his students to escape their classroom […]

Poor Representation of Liberty: Catherine Bleish Case

The pursuit of political liberty is difficult; the pursuit of liberty is made doubly difficult when the representatives of the battle are irresponsible. The currently processing case of Catherine Bleish is an excellent example of irresponsible behavior that is a) presented as being representative of liberty and liberty activists and b) defended by foolish, unthinkingly […]

Irish Sovereignty: Rejection of the Lisbon Treaty

Excellent news from Ireland today… election results indicate that the referendum in the Republic of Ireland to approve or disapprove the Lisbon Treaty has resulted in a “no” vote: Ireland has rejected the treaty. Various articles both today and leading up to the referendum have included warnings that a “no” vote would “[trigger] a political […]

Irony of Thorns

I have periodic moments in which I am astounded by my ideological separation from the rest of the world, even within my subgroups of friendship. Either I am indirectly blasted by hateful speech towards Christianity or I am misunderstood as a questionable troublemaker. At least on one side it’s simple misunderstanding – I’m not criticized […]

Philosophy in Action

I’ve been meaning to discuss this anyway, but am lazy. Thus, a snippet of my conversation with Kristin: lorien_johnson: Kristin! lorien_johnson: this is a complete change of topic. but. lorien_johnson: It was horrifying at the bus station today. lorien_johnson: This couple was sitting on the bench behind me, arguing about their sex life. Kristin: eew […]