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Halloween Exploits with Kristin

I am home again. I spent Saturday and Sunday seeing Grandmother to the airport – or, rather, this was the official task. My ulterior task was to claim Kristin’s last weekend of freedom before her new job began today. Mission accomplished. Saturday was spent crafting (ShrinkyDink and knitting) and commenting films (Thoroughly Modern Millie and […]


I just adore Kristin. Somewhere along the line, she became a friend that I was willing to tell my almost-most embarrassing stories to, make uber-crafty projects with and appear on cam for without makeup, crazy getup or hiding behind hair (or showing only forehead). That’s just plain nifty, folks. Why can’t friends follow you when […]

Foolish Girl

Yes, Lorien, do look at your assignment when it is first assigned, else you’ll be shocked to discover it’s a several hour project, and you’d like to go to sleep. — Once again I am virtually mocking you. You’re starting to sound like Katherine now. . . Dear Katherine, Here are the things you must […]

Scholarly Urges

I’m being an absolute dork, but bear with me. My scholarly urges are working. I like libraries. I like books. I love my fields. When I am thirty, I will have a Ph.D. I will have lived and studied in multiple countries. I will be multi-lingual. I will have either been published, or be in […]

Thursday's Adventures

Kristin, Kimber, Kelly, Tabitha and I spent Thursday in Brookside and the City River Market. Wandered a wide variety of stores. Select anecdotes: 1) Peacock feathers make excellent hair accessories. 2) Kristin uses odd phrases. For example, “Hug Butt!” This can be, and was, utilized in a sentence such as: “We might have to call […]