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Learning to Comfort

I have a severe problem with comforting platitudes. I’m just not good at them. When I’m presented with a personal problem that someone is experiencing, I think big picture – what’s causing the problem? What are both sides? What are the various people involved thinking, to lead them to behave in such a manner? What […]

First Semester at Missouri State University

I have now been to each of my fall classes. I have also found my library spot: a corner table surrounded by windows on the second floor, facing one of the few pretty buildings and an array of trees, with the fountain visible behind me. If I leave after my history course on T/R and […]

Compulsive Completion

Joanna describes her completist tendencies as a compulsion. I’ve never considered it that. I do it too, but out of a love for immersion, not because of my OCD. I’ll catch a song or hear a name, and I’ll run home top open Kazaa(or equivalent) and download every complete and properly file-named song I can […]

We Are to Hold Back the Night

I am continually frustrated by the state of the world. But this is not a novel concept, nor am I alone in this feeling. We have no olden days to look back on – even in our best of moments we have been weakened by indecision and compromise. We have no promising future to work […]

Blocked Ideals

Coarse edges and jagged shards block these ideals that I’m a little too hesitant to reach. I’ve had this ideal of bold, confident passion, but all I’ve got is its crispy, hollow shell. I’m not sure how to grow beyond this.