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Dying Baby Bird

This is not a pleasant story. and yet, this story is very me. and so I will tell this story as honestly as I possibly can. “Loooooooooooooooooooooorieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?!” My grandmother was calling me from her back deck. I ran down the stairs and outside my aparment to find her leaning over the side. “Q.T. [the cat, […]

Suspiro – Tale of Mortification

Mortification is the word of the day. My day had been planned out with a chart and everything. Super Academia. and then I got distracted. I missed the last of my buses, so I took the car and drove around campus trying to find metered parking (I don’t have a parking pass… not until January). […]

The 8-Point Buttshot Vehicle

I received a free car to replace my wrecked car. It’s so incredibly horrendous that I love it. There are eight key points that make it so monstrously awful. 1) It’s a pickup truck. 2) It’s hideous. 3 and 4) A former owner let his son use it. His son dealt drugs. Not wanting to […]