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Speaking English in Texas Committee Hearing

Antolin Aguirre has lived in the U.S. since 1988. He testified last week in a Texas committee hearing regarding an immigration bill. He chose to speak in Spanish and use an English interpreter to communicate with the Texas Senators, despite having lived in the U.S. for approximately 23 years. Senator Chris Harris challenged Aguirre’s use […]

History Conferences and Spitting on Artifacts

I just printed off the lecture notes from my Latin Govt. class course reserves… 57 pages of testable material, and that’s assuming she’s only going to test over what we’ve covered. Doubtful. I’m spending this evening reading the textbook and reviewing these notes. I’ll do the same all evening tomorrow. Thursday, I’m going to try […]

Love of Research

… I just realized that I am, really, in the field to which I belong. I actually love research. I was working on this problem regarding the proper writ of common law to apply to a 13th Century case, and the obvious answer seemed wrong. I went to the professor, and he confirmed the obvious […]