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Concealed Carry on Campus

In honor of Liviu Librescu, Ph.D., and in light of the second violent shooting on the campus of my grandfather’s alma mater, Virginia Tech, I remind us all of the importance of legalizing concealed carry on college campuses. Dr. Librescu survived the Holocaust of WWII. He died shouting for his students to escape their classroom […]

The Japanese Failure of Gun Control

Itcho Ito, the mayor of Nagasaki, Japan, was shot and killed by a member of the Yakuza. Japan has the most strict form of gun control that exists in the “democratic” portion of the world. This is an example of how the law-abiding populace is not effectively protected by gun control, because criminals will find […]

RE: University Safety Procedures

An Open Letter to Dr. Michael T. Nietzel, President of Missouri State University. President Nietzel, I respond to your official statement on the subject of our beloved University’s safety procedures. I am disappointed by the reiteration of Missouri State’s foolish and detrimental policy which prohibits legally carried firearms on our campus. We have seen in […]