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Breaking: Election Fraud in ST. CHARLES Co. Missouri Caucus

The Republican Caucus in St. Charles County, Missouri, proved disastrous. Accounts are still coming in from Romney and Paul supporters who experienced the abuse. The Central Committee Chairman Eugene Dokes announced a rule of no recordings being allowed, and when the caucus participants objected their legal points were ignored. Note: NO “house rules” exist at […]

Breaking: Caucus Fraud in CLAY Co. Missouri

The Republican caucus in Clay County of Missouri was plagued by illegal proceedings. The Chair refused to answer calls for Division and Points of Order. Division calls are not allowed to be ignored under any circumstance under Robert’s Rules of Order. The registered Parliamentarian pointed out the illegality of the behavior of the chair and […]

Be Sassy, not Assy!

A happy little bumper sticker is making its way around the interwebs, thanks to those of us who are immensely displeased with both McCain and Obama. Case in point! Reports are coming in from Pennsylvania of Republican election judges being expelled from polling places. Let’s be clear: most of the polling judges in every polling […]