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Appointments in the Land without Watches

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this past Tuesday morning, I had an orthodontist appointment. Keep in mind one of my curious third-world quirks. This is Bolivia, yet somehow even though I’m surrounded by Latina Barbies with extremely glittery layers of makeup, I only usually bother with ironing and makeup for business meetings and special events. I’ve used […]

The Queen and the TARDIS

According to Outpost Gallifrey, the Chelsea Flower Show in the U.K. is featuring a display of the “Garden in Time”, created by a Cardiff landscaper. In the display, two separate gardens, one in the style of the 1960s and one in a modern design, are separated by a TARDIS. Queen Elizabeth II was touring the […]

The British-Butt Spider

Nicholas came running up to the third floor yesterday to pant, “Lorien! Where’s your camera?! There’s a spider with the British flag on its butt!” That’s a statement that’ll get me running down the stairs. After, of course, I ask whether or not it’s yet been killed. “Not until we’ve got photographic evidence!”, Nicholas replied. […]

The Japanese Failure of Gun Control

Itcho Ito, the mayor of Nagasaki, Japan, was shot and killed by a member of the Yakuza. Japan has the most strict form of gun control that exists in the “democratic” portion of the world. This is an example of how the law-abiding populace is not effectively protected by gun control, because criminals will find […]