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RE: University Safety Procedures

An Open Letter to Dr. Michael T. Nietzel, President of Missouri State University. President Nietzel, I respond to your official statement on the subject of our beloved University’s safety procedures. I am disappointed by the reiteration of Missouri State’s foolish and detrimental policy which prohibits legally carried firearms on our campus. We have seen in […]

The Feria

Veggies, Beggars, and Smiles

The feria defines my Cochabamba. The feria is a fresh produce fair held in a stretched loop of good road near the center of town every Saturday and Sunday. My mother and I leave by 8:30 on Saturday mornings, always equipped with numerous bolsas and hopefully coated in sufficient sunscreen. We have our taxi park […]

Captain Pausert Waiting at MIA

Struggle to Escape, part one.

Insanity. Totally bonkers and nutty and filled with stress. That’s what’s it’s like to try and fly on Lloyd Aereo Boliviano. First one cancellation, then the second. I went to the airport and they gave me a voucher for a hotel. The Red Roof Inn at MIA was perfectly pleasant. I walked next door and […]

A Sunday Surreal

On December 17th, 2006, my plane from Kansas City left at 7:25am to Miami, Florida, from which I would continue to Bolivia, South America. I was not on that plane. Rewind. Summarized To Do List: – 3 finals – 2 papers – 4 trunks to ship to Bolivia – 1 apartment to pack – 3 […]