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Be Sassy, not Assy!

A happy little bumper sticker is making its way around the interwebs, thanks to those of us who are immensely displeased with both McCain and Obama. Case in point! Reports are coming in from Pennsylvania of Republican election judges being expelled from polling places. Let’s be clear: most of the polling judges in every polling […]

Hope and Halloween

Western culture can often translate in strange ways when brought to Bolivia. Halloween, for instance. Tonight is the 3rd of November, and this is when Bolivia celebrates Halloween. I’m sure there’s a very sensible reason for this, and I’m just not in the know – even if it’s as simple as bumping it to Monday […]

Cochabamba: Our Next Few Days

Bolivia, frankly, is batty. Is it any wonder I love it so? Yesterday’s election was a curious affair. The day was quite and calm. The evening, though, was a race of numbers in the news. Jim Shultz, a political blogger (strong left bias) based here in Cochabamba, has a good run-down of the election numbers […]