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First Semester at Missouri State University

I have now been to each of my fall classes. I have also found my library spot: a corner table surrounded by windows on the second floor, facing one of the few pretty buildings and an array of trees, with the fountain visible behind me. If I leave after my history course on T/R and […]


Spent the morning and afternoon shopping with Mom and attending the Graduation rehearsal. Went to graduation… prepped with Mom’s help, ran into math professor. Greeted Katherine (she came to see me! very sweet). Waited in the long hot hallway with the rest of the graduates for about a half hour. We left to march down […]

Graduation Preparation

Well! I just completed most of my graduation paperwork. I’ve been cleared and authorized, my cap and gown have been ordered. Tomorrow I need to call and order the honors regalia, but beyond that I’m finished. Except for the 5 classes left to be finished, of course. Ahem. I’ll put together the formal invitations after […]

Patterns of Avoidance

Lorien: {spins in chair, feet tapping with mini pool balls between toes} Mom: Lorien, how is your work coming? L: {spins to face her} M: Whenever you’re getting annoying I know that you’re avoiding something. L: {spins once. taps once} M: Take the toys out of your toes and finish the essay. L: {taps twice} […]


Well! Last night was an excellent night at fencing. The last before the tournament this Saturday. Dad came along and was finally able to watch the entire process, as opposed to my relating each and every minor detail that I could recall. I was pleased. He also spoke to my instructors, and was able to […]