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Mano a Mano: Punata Opening

On April 18, 2008, Mom and I had the pleasure of helping to clean and decorate a new health clinic in the town of Punata outside of Cochabamba, Bolivia. After the last-minute cleanups, we all participated in a celebration of the clinic’s opening. Along with a slew of photographs, I took a few videos of […]

A Fairly Normal Cochabamba

Since the election 8 days ago, everything has been rather… normal. The early days were a bit quiet, but otherwise one wouldn’t generally know that anything was different. I haven’t any idea what happened with the folks marching on the city from the Chapare – as far as I could tell, they never arrived. I […]

Cochabamba: Our Next Few Days

Bolivia, frankly, is batty. Is it any wonder I love it so? Yesterday’s election was a curious affair. The day was quite and calm. The evening, though, was a race of numbers in the news. Jim Shultz, a political blogger (strong left bias) based here in Cochabamba, has a good run-down of the election numbers […]