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Message from the U.S. Embassy

From: Consular, La Paz [mailto:ConsularLapaz@state.gov] Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 5:19 PM Subject: Warden Message – Civil Unrest – September 13, 2008 Dear Warden: Below please find a Warden Message from the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia. Please share this warden message with any U.S. citizens in Bolivia with whom you have contact. We […]

Our Status and Crisis Plans

Summary: Half of Bolivia is at war, but not our half. We don’t know whether it will spread. Bolivia is fully unpredictable. We’re staying for now. Issues: The Anti-Evo region is in violent protest, possibly even secession. They’re not doing it intelligently – so they have made enemies of Brazil and Argentina. MAS (Pro-Evo, simplistically) […]

Blockades and Breaking Points

Those of us in Cochabamba are in for a fun ride over the next while. A meeting was recently held in which the leaders of the Opposition movement and Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, were scheduled to discuss solutions and compromises in light of the recent referendums. The opposition leaders attended. Evo did not; Evo […]

Feisty Kid!

Rambunctious and Nameless

If you’ve watched the videos of the last entry, then you might have noticed a very rambunctious little girl playing in the background. Normally I take the kids outside or to another room to play games, make crafts, and such, but having had tonsilitis for three weeks… well, games weren’t to be had. Eventually her […]

Our Wednesday Evenings…

On Wednesday nights here in Cochabamba we host a one-hour study and worship service in English. The idea is this: the Christian community, and particularly the missionary community, spends Sundays (and most of the week) ministering to other people – Bolivian churches, orphanages, etc. Our Wednesday evening is a time when those people can gather […]