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Archaeological Fieldwork

I participated in my first batch of archaeological fieldwork on Saturday. 9am-12pm. Nothing major, but it was exciting… shovel tests at twenty meter transects. Pairs of two dug foot round/deep holes and sifted the dirt/plants/rocks through a shaker screen. Anything of interest is bagged and marked. I’m trying to be careful about sounding too important… […]

History Conferences and Spitting on Artifacts

I just printed off the lecture notes from my Latin Govt. class course reserves… 57 pages of testable material, and that’s assuming she’s only going to test over what we’ve covered. Doubtful. I’m spending this evening reading the textbook and reviewing these notes. I’ll do the same all evening tomorrow. Thursday, I’m going to try […]

Lorien = Bad Archaeologist

I am a bad, bad archaeologist-intern. I was assigned to identifying this button medallion, today. Brass, horribly tarnished, can’t be soaked because it would ruin the paint. I was trying to brush off enough of the green gunk to read the Latin on the bottom, and all I could think was “just a little spit! […]