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Poor Representation of Liberty: Catherine Bleish Case

The pursuit of political liberty is difficult; the pursuit of liberty is made doubly difficult when the representatives of the battle are irresponsible. The currently processing case of Catherine Bleish is an excellent example of irresponsible behavior that is a) presented as being representative of liberty and liberty activists and b) defended by foolish, unthinkingly […]

Irish Sovereignty: Rejection of the Lisbon Treaty

Excellent news from Ireland today… election results indicate that the referendum in the Republic of Ireland to approve or disapprove the Lisbon Treaty has resulted in a “no” vote: Ireland has rejected the treaty. Various articles both today and leading up to the referendum have included warnings that a “no” vote would “[trigger] a political […]

Political Chalk on Campus

Political Chalk on Campus. From last weekend… I’m going in today to fill it back in. —- When you set out to do something, you don’t do it halfway, do you? Posted by Kristin @ 09/26/2004 02:46 PM CST This makes sense, though. If I update it each week, I just have to fill in […]

Notes to Expand for Future Letters to Editors

Notes for future expansion. Letters to editors / local opinion pieces: 1) NRA lobby influence is being blamed for lapse of AWBan, and often tones are used that imply that this violates democratic principles. Rather, lobby influence within a republic/democratic system exemplify these principles and are absolutely valid. The danger is in a small faction […]