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We Conservatives Must Unite Behind One Candidate

We talk about the need to unite behind Romney. Why? He is not the majority. Take the primaries and add the votes for Santorum, for Gingrich, for Bachmann, for Paul – and we, the Christians, the conservatives, the Tea Party, the ones who in 2008 correctly rejected Romney for the liberal flip-flopper that he is, […]

Citizens Oppose Emanuel Cleaver’s Abortion Hypocrisy

This is a powerful example of citizens standing up and educating hypocritical politicians. Features Cleaver under fire for supporting the funding of abortions and violating the law. Conservative Black Forum, 1/23/2012. Hosted by Allen West, Moderated by Star Parker. At 1:43:22 Parker opened the floor to Q&A. The first person was a woman who directly […]