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Church Ruled by Christ: Introduction

Over the next several days I’ll be posting an exegetical study of Colossians 3:12-17. I’ll address the historical and biblical contexts of the passage, but the focus will be on the word/grammar study of the verses. Sooner or later I’ll work the essay into a more laid-back devotional. Why study this passage? Christians struggle with […]

Definition of Hectic: This Past Week

In no particular order… Final Exam and Research paper for Church History I Tested Positive for Typhoid and Paratyphoid Completed paperwork and deliveries to a) get a new passport and b) not go to jail Staton’s Quince Katherine Returned to the States Discovered that not only is my backup drive fried, but I also seem […]

The Katherine Card

I’ve decided that Katherine is not allowed to come to Bolivia. This is a significant change in plans, since Katherine is scheduled to arrive in Bolivia on Friday and she intends to stay through August. Here’s the problem. I will lose the Katherine Card. The Katherine Card works all manner of magic. Observe: Convincing Teenage […]

Must Christians Obey Old Testament Law?

Here’s a small essay written in response to a question in my seminary class on the Old Testament. Christianity stands in direct connection with the covenants between God and humanity. Accordingly, Christians must study the history of God’s relationship with man and the principles He has communicated. The Abrahamic Covenant became an unconditional promise of […]

Designing whilst Midterming

Take a look. New design. Not a single graphic serves as a structural or content element. Every piece is in type. I have additional bits of type-based elements I’m going to toss into the works, but – after midterms. I’ve oodles of bugs to work through with various nooks and crannies, and I need to […]