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Definition of Hectic: This Past Week

In no particular order… Final Exam and Research paper for Church History I Tested Positive for Typhoid and Paratyphoid Completed paperwork and deliveries to a) get a new passport and b) not go to jail Staton’s Quince Katherine Returned to the States Discovered that not only is my backup drive fried, but I also seem […]

Austrian Bailout

The Voices that Be are widely proclaiming the economic crisis as the failure of capitalism. Wrong: this is a failure in government-regulated markets. We only have very limited and highly regulated capitalism in the United States, and that quasi-market system is what has gotten us into this situation. The Mises Institute has released the Austrian […]

Blockades and Breaking Points

Those of us in Cochabamba are in for a fun ride over the next while. A meeting was recently held in which the leaders of the Opposition movement and Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, were scheduled to discuss solutions and compromises in light of the recent referendums. The opposition leaders attended. Evo did not; Evo […]

Día del Peatón

Día del Peatón in Cochabamba is the annual Sunday (yesterday) when all driving is prohibited in preference to pedestrian traffic. A travesty of rights and active discrimination against the motorist the day may be, but the town sure is quiet! Our busy street of Simon Lopez, which is normally filled with honking cars and screeching […]

Film Review: Last Legion

I took a film analysis course in the autumn of 2007, for which I had to write a number of films reviews. As I’m sorting through my 320gig hard drive which ran out of space this week, I’ll be posting those reviews here. Why not? Here’s the pitch: take advantage of the critical success of […]