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How to Bake Kale Chips

I stumbled onto this recipe a few months ago: chips or crisps made out of kale.¬† The leafy superfood is, well, super. Vitamins, good things, protein, and blah blah blah. Read this for more information about the crazy goodness that is kale. More importantly, it bakes up to a very crispy-crunchy snack with no gluten […]

Quote: Towns on Divine Predestination

“… to say that God has chosen some and passed over others is to breach the nature of God. God is One, which means He is Unity and acts in perfect harmony with His nature. Every part of God influences every other attribute of God. One attribute can never act in isolation from the others, […]

Photo: Crust of the Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni, originally uploaded by lorien. The ground on the salt flats of the Uyuni in Bolivia is just a comparatively thin layer of earth crust over water. Gas emissions break through the salty crust and create these shapes which stretch out far into the horizon.