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Pastors Are Free to Refuse to Officiate Immoral Services

Deal with it. Hurrah! They were being excessively disruptive. Hovering, very closely, with very loud shutters (which on most DSLRs can be muted), and for longer than necessary to collect the desired photos. The minister has the right to refuse to officiate a spiritual and religious contract if he finds that the parties involved are […]

אֵל שִׂמְחַ֪ת גִּ֫ילִ֥י

I am indwelled by joy. I am exhausted. I am under-rested. I am ridiculously behind in my final class. I am scraping together my shekels to last through my first paycheck of my upcoming job. I cannot decide whether my love of the classroom and library is greater than my burnt-out will to study. I […]

How to Bake Kale Chips

I stumbled onto this recipe a few months ago: chips or crisps made out of kale.  The leafy superfood is, well, super. Vitamins, good things, protein, and blah blah blah. Read this for more information about the crazy goodness that is kale. More importantly, it bakes up to a very crispy-crunchy snack with no gluten […]

Deeper than the Incongruity

In Ecclesiastes, Qoheleth struggled with a perceived gap between that which he believed and imagined and that which he observed and experienced. Much of human experience seems incongruous with itself, and Qoheleth sought understanding. Qoheleth initially concluded that the incongruity meanth that life was a pursuit of futility and hopelessness. Life is the “vanity of […]