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How Could I Tell Her No?

After posting an ad to Craigslist in search of an apartment for the month of April, I received several responses. I average 3-4 responses every few days. Most are normal but don’t quite fit the bill, and one or two are good candidates for further consideration. My ad is very simple and states clearly what […]

Leap Day One

I announced a few weeks ago on Facebook my then-upcoming move to Washington, DC. I’m headed to the one city in which the job market is booming! The past several weeks of preparation have been hectic… finalizing my time in KC, apartment hunting in DC from a distance… Today, Leap Day, I departed Raymore, MO […]

How to Register with Aduana in Bolivia

Bolivian Law now requires all importers to register with Aduana. An importer is defined as anyone receiving an international delivery/package, and is further defined by habitual importer and occasional importer. Habitual importers will require a fundempresa registration. The following step-by-step process applies to occasional importers living in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The registration process should be very […]