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Playing in the News-Leader

The 400-word edition of my open letter to the administration of Missouri State University was published as the Voice of the Day in the Springfield News-Leader on 1 May, 2007. The comments forum is of particular interest. On the whole, I'm quite displeased with the responses, both in support and in opposition – and not […]

New Arrangements

As you can see, I’ve restructured my websites. Everything is now oriented onto . I’ve kept Perjink for storage and project purposes. Let me know if you find any hiccups!

Log: Twisty Knickers

Kristin: The first line in a blog that came up on the same search: The Bottom Line A long winded ramble on fulfilment and twisted knickers. I am having a watershed moment. It’s been one of those weeks when you realize what’s important, what’s not, and what’s getting your knickers in a twist. My knickers […]