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New Business Cards Have Arrived!

I wanted a fresh set of business cards for my trip to Washington D.C. next week, and I decided to try a new design. I wanted a vague focus that would apply to each of my present and potential jobs. I played with Boris Smus’ minimalist concept. My domain/twitter/email already fit the format. I originally […]

Designing whilst Midterming

Take a look. New design. Not a single graphic serves as a structural or content element. Every piece is in type. I have additional bits of type-based elements I’m going to toss into the works, but – after midterms. I’ve oodles of bugs to work through with various nooks and crannies, and I need to […]

Hope and Halloween

Western culture can often translate in strange ways when brought to Bolivia. Halloween, for instance. Tonight is the 3rd of November, and this is when Bolivia celebrates Halloween. I’m sure there’s a very sensible reason for this, and I’m just not in the know – even if it’s as simple as bumping it to Monday […]

Steampunk Keyboard

Steampunk Desktop Originally uploaded by vonslatt Jake Von Slatt, of the Steampunk Workshop (a new find for me), has posted a photo of his gorgeous desktop mods to his Flickr. The bulk of it is far too… gilded… for my tastes, but check out this keyboard. It’s stunning! A bit of googling was sufficient to […]