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Pastors Are Free to Refuse to Officiate Immoral Services

Deal with it. Hurrah! They were being excessively disruptive. Hovering, very closely, with very loud shutters (which on most DSLRs can be muted), and for longer than necessary to collect the desired photos. The minister has the right to refuse to officiate a spiritual and religious contract if he finds that the parties involved are […]

How Neighbors are Better than Government Services

Jennifer Pahlka is the creator of Code for America, a fellowship that organizes independent technology and design professionals to develop apps that creatively solve efficiency problems in government. Her theory? “A neighbor is a far better and cheaper alternative to government services.” She recognizes that government is inherently inefficient. She also recognizes, and has proven […]

Tonya Beck: Persecuted Kansas City Heroine

Tonya Beck is charged with the criminal use of a weapon in Kansas City, Kansas, because she legally defended herself from the intruder about whom the police had not even bothered to file a report. She is a hero, and she faces a criminal charge. Tonya called the police when a man caused massive property […]

We Conservatives Must Unite Behind One Candidate

We talk about the need to unite behind Romney. Why? He is not the majority. Take the primaries and add the votes for Santorum, for Gingrich, for Bachmann, for Paul – and we, the Christians, the conservatives, the Tea Party, the ones who in 2008 correctly rejected Romney for the liberal flip-flopper that he is, […]