Tonya Beck: Persecuted Kansas City Heroine

Tonya Beck is charged with the criminal use of a weapon in Kansas City, Kansas, because she legally defended herself from the intruder about whom the police had not even bothered to file a report. She is a hero, and she faces a criminal charge.

Tonya called the police when a man caused massive property damage and invaded her basement while another man was at the side door of her house. Her dog chased the successful intruder out of the basement and the other man ran away. The police arrived at the scene, did not dust for prints or conduct similar investigatory measures, and did not even file a report.

Hours later, the next morning, Tonya spotted a man climbing over her backyard fence and into her yard. She shot at him. He fled. The police arrived shortly thereafter and, according to Tonya, told her that she had done the right thing.

This time they did file a police report – and charged her with criminal use of a weapon.

They did not even tell her that she was charged with the misdemeanor. She only found out when the investigative reporters asked her about the charge. The police now claim that she told them that she fired into the ground as the home intruder was fleeing the scene – she denies both the action and the statement. The police did not find the casing in her yard, and they did not bother searching the grounds beyond her fence.

They just charged her. With a crime. For defending her home. When they were too lazy and irresponsible to file a report about the home invasion from which her dog had saved her just hours before the second attempt.

Contrast this story with an event in Texas in which Vic Stacy, a regular fellow, – albeit an awesome shot with an awesome name – entered a lethal shootout, made three incredible 165 yard shots with a pistol, and saved an officer’s life. Stacy is recognized in Texas as a hero, whereas in Kansas Tonya Beck is charged with a crime.

Kansas City – rally behind Tonya. Demand justice. Contribute to her legal fees. Be polite and be firm. Tonya is a hero who justly used her Second Amendment rights.

Thank you, Tonya, for not being a victim. Thank you.

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