Quote: “Active duty police told me that the GOP was more powerful than my Constitution”

From an anonymous participant in a Missouri Caucus today:

“BUT if I hadn’t turned it off and videotaped the caucus, you all would have been able to see how corrupt and unfair it was. Since when do the police in my county work for enforcing GOP rules?? These were not rent a cops…these were active duty police telling me that the GOP was more powerful than my Constitution and Bill of Rights. As far as being respectful? You weren’t there listening to them verbally destroy Ron Paul and suppress our rights to caucus. The last time I looked, we had the right to vote and to fair elections. What I saw today was NOT a fair caucus but rather a “Shutup and we win!” event. I was actually told by the police that I could NOT leave the room to go to the bathroom! One of the ladies in charge said “For crying out loud, she can go to the bathroom but she can not leave the building.” Cops controlling my bathroom visits??? You can sit back if you like and worry about what reflects poorly on you but I realize what is at stake here and will not sit back and let these bullies trample on my rights. I have NEVER been this angry and frightened in my life and now realize the seriousness and the reality of what is really going on in America and what Ron Paul is really up against.”

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