Breaking: Election Fraud in ST. CHARLES Co. Missouri Caucus

The Republican Caucus in St. Charles County, Missouri, proved disastrous. Accounts are still coming in from Romney and Paul supporters who experienced the abuse.

The Central Committee Chairman Eugene Dokes announced a rule of no recordings being allowed, and when the caucus participants objected their legal points were ignored. Note: NO “house rules” exist at the beginning of a caucus in Missouri except for those set forth ahead of time and made public by the Missouri GOP. The County Committee has no authority to make additional rules binding as Dokes and his committee claimed regarding no video recording.

The people present in the caucus, those chanting “We make the rules!”, were correct. Dokes refused to proceed with the caucus until the people present obeyed his rule of no recording equipment. He had no authority to refuse to proceed or to demand no recordings.

The caucus participants elected a Chair, but the Committee ignored that election and did not allow him to chair.

When the Committee refused to behave legally, the large crowd was very loud in protest. The Interim Committee illegally assigned committee positions – without the necessary vote – so that they could adjourn the caucus. People protested.
Here is video with clear audio of Eugene Dokes violating the rules of order and appointing the caucus committee without authorization:

The threat of police was declared.

The crowd that was expelled from the meeting gathered in the park outside the building. Due to the meeting not being legally closed, they began to continue the meeting as is legally allowed under Robert’s Rules of Order. Brent Stafford, the man seen standing on the chair in the video below, called for people to place their information (names, addresses, and caucus participant number) on a roster so that they could begin.

Police arrested Stafford and Kenneth Suitter for “trespassing”.

From Ethan G:

The St. Charles caucus was a fiasco this morning. Straight out of the gate, after not acknowledging points of order to overturn an unpopular “no recording” rule, the congregation of nearly 1500 erupted. Shortly after this, the St. Charles County republican committee railroaded the caucus, ignoring all points of order and illegitimately assigning caucus leadership roles to quickly adjourn the meeting. The result was more unbelievable eruption, arrests, police helicopters, and an order to leave the property or be arrested for trespassing. At this point another caucus will have to be scheduled or no delegates from any camp are moving forward from St. Charles.

From Travis H:

The St. Charles county GOP tried to appoint their own hand picked chairs etc… so the caucus goers called a point of order to elect the chair position, he won. they ignored the vote and tried proceeding but the crowd went crazy .. police stepped in and put the caucus on hold until back up arrived .. around 15 more officers showed up and shut it down for good … they were trying to place Santorum supporters when Romney and Paul people clearly had the majority …so they [the Ron Paul camp] had a rump caucus with the Romney camp in a park near the caucus site … i may have the details confused but that is the gist of it.

Watch to the end of this video to watch what really happened outside:

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